He says that the Lace Up for Cancer Run / Walk is getting bigger every year. "It's a very busy and inspiring event, with participants that include cancer survivors, people who commemorate the lives of those who lost their loved ones to cancer,

Simple Way To Protect Yourself From Cancer: Lace Up For Cancer

It is estimated that in the next decade, cancer deaths will increase to more than 14 million per...
barre fitness

Barre Fitness Review

Are you looking for a high intensity, low impact total body workout? Try a barre class, like this...

Top 5 Easy Method To Quickly Boost Your Energy

Do you often feel slow, tired and exhausted? Do your eyelids begin to waver during the mid-afternoon? If...
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6 Foods To Take For A Sexier Body Shape And Improve Blood Flow

You know that chocolate has a reputation for being a powerful aphrodisiac, thanks in part to its high...

Best Method To Loose 5 Pounds At Work

Method: Stand up at work. Standing on your desk could be the secret to getting in shape while...

Diseases And Remedies


Syphilis: Early Symptoms In Men

Symptoms and signs of Syphilis in Man Syphilis has stages with different symptoms, but you should keep in mind that some symptoms may or may not show. These stages include primary, secondary, latent stage and tertiary stage. Primary syphilis...

Healthy living

hair growth

Top 10 Foods That Helps With Healthier Hair Growth

When it comes to hair care, it is important to make sure you are using the right...

Healthy Food


Microsoft’s Video Editor For Gamers

We were recently bought that Microsoft recently applied for a trademark for a service called ‘Mixplay’. The...

Weight loss/diet

lose weight

Lose Weight And Remain Healthy

Eight years old, Eric Ishimwe weighed 40 kg five months ago when his grandmother decided to look...

Sexual Health

sexual vaibrators

3 Ways Sexual Vibrators Can Harm Women’s Health

Sexual vibrators have become very common; many women use sexual vibrators without knowing that they are affecting...