3 Ways Sexual Vibrators Can Harm Women’s Health

sexual vaibrators

Sexual vibrators have become very common; many women use sexual vibrators without knowing that they are affecting their bodies.

As much as these devices help you achieve an orgasm, it is advisable to avoid them immediately for the sake of your health.

Here are three ways in which sexual vibrators are ruining your health:

1. Users lose the benefits of nitric oxide and oxytocin

Nitric oxide and oxytocin are normally produced during sexual intercourse.

Women who use vibrators to achieve orgasm do not realize the benefits of these hormones; hormones are known to increase the body’s immunity.

Women who have sex have better immunity; these women are less likely to suffer different health-related complications.

2. Vibrators limit your orgasmic potential

There are vibrators that have been designed to induce orgasms in a matter of minutes.

These types of vibrators are not good for your health.

They tend to make your body refractory.

People who use these devices tend to achieve sexual pleasure before, therefore, rarely satisfy their partners in bed.

3. They deprive users of the benefits to reduce stress.

There are different hormones released when you have sex with your partner.

It is likely that the vibrators decrease your level of sexual desire.

When this happens, there is no production of the hormone cortisol, which is responsible for increasing your mood.

The hormone is also known for its benefits in reducing stress.

Women who are accustomed to vibrators in most cases are stressed once they have finished with the act.

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