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Are you looking for a high intensity, low impact total body workout? Try a barre class, like this one at Magnolia Fitness in Portland, Maine. A bar is a horizontal bar that ballet dancers use to support when they are doing warm-up exercises or training. It serves a similar purpose in a barre fitness class.

Barre’s gymnastics classes are inspired by ballet, as well as other forms of movement. In Magnolia, the owners Jessica Little and Anne Davis developed a routine of bars they call, what else? Magnolia.

Jessica, who has been a gym instructor for years, says she tried the bar with the advice of some friends and that she was hooked. “It’s a great combination of strength and stretch training that also incorporates some of the yoga, pilates and traditional ballet philosophies,” she says.


Some of the movements are traditional ballet positions. For example, the feet can be turned and you can stand on tiptoe as if you were doing a relieve or get down to a squat-like squat.

But if you’re worried that you need a ballet fund, do not be. Lisa Allen, who has been doing bar in Magnolia since 2016, can attest to that. “You do not have to have been a dancer, that’s not part of that,” he said. “I am an old cardio addict, I loved staggered aerobics, but it was not the best for my health, I needed a balance, this is a way to develop muscle and also sweat, a great combo, I also recommend associating it with some walk. ”

Magnolia training begins with mat exercises that include planks and push-ups. Next, there is a series of exercises that involve small movements and many repetitions.

The real promise of barre fitness is to dig deep into the muscles. “We work the muscles for fatigue or exhaustion in a safe way and we work a lot on the muscles that hold our joints,” Jessica said. “We get into many of the muscles that stabilize our hips, shoulders, muscles in our centre, some of the deep core muscles, the pelvic floor muscles, etc. They are often not the goal of other methods of exercise.”


With few of the exercises, I noticed a lot of trembling muscles, especially when participants tried to hold a ball between their legs. That is the goal, said Jordan Rowe. She has been taking bar classes at Magnolia for several years and is now an instructor. “The jolt means we’re getting into those muscles,” he explained. “It’s not about big movements, like doing aerobics or something, you’re holding a position for so long that your muscles are fatigued, it’s effective, it gets right there.”

Although the bar is an intense form of exercise, it is low impact. “Barre fitness can accommodate anyone,” Jessica said. “It is safe and effective training for all levels Our instructors are modified according to the needs of the student We provide a variety of ways to perform the same exercise so that students can know their body in the place where they are found and continue to be challenged. ”

“I’ve been to many gymnastics training camps and I do not have that kind of fervour and aggression,” Lisa said. “Barre fitness  is a softer physical challenge, but I’m challenging myself, you work harder and you get more flexibility, more muscle strength, more confidence, you push the envelope of your muscles a little more each time.”

Jordan said he noticed the changes almost immediately. “In a week I noticed changes in my body, in my legs,” he said. “I felt stronger, I was touching my legs at random, and thinking, oh, I was a little toned and I noticed that the clothes were different, it’s a good contrast with cardio, I just run or go on the elliptical, but it sweeps away everything. the body “.


And the best thing about Lisa is that she is not competitive at all. It does not matter if someone moves farther or gets lower than you. Everyone is exercising. The goal is simply to challenge yourself.

There are several kinds of bars across the country, including in Maine. If you are interested in Magnolia Barre. And if you are interested in becoming an instructor, you’ll also find information about a Magnolia Barre Teacher Training in the studio this spring.

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