Syphilis: Early Symptoms In Men


Symptoms and signs of Syphilis in Man

Syphilis has stages with different symptoms, but you should keep in mind that some symptoms may or may not show. These stages include primary, secondary, latent stage and tertiary stage.

Primary syphilis


It starts with a sore, which is known as a “chancre” on the exposed part of the infection, which is mainly the private area or the mouth area. Most patients describe the chancre as firm, not sensitive, about half an inch and round. The lymph nodes can also have waves that are not sensitive.

The primary stage has few early symptoms in men. The sore goes away in about 4 weeks and the infected person takes the signs slightly even though it extends into the rest of his body. Finding the medication at this early stage is the best and the right time before it becomes intense. If you do not seek treatment, go to the second stage.

Secondary syphilis

You feel sick, maybe with a headache, loss of appetite, rash or pain. A sign that the diseases have spread to the rest of your body. It will start to have itchy rashes that are mostly reddish-brown in appearance. Most patients with syphilis describe the rashes. Others say that there are scales, other pustules, others are flat and some even say that they did not have eruptions. These symptoms vary because the rash may last between weeks or months.

  • Sores in the mouth, throat, nose, in the private areas or the best parts of the skin.
  • Swelling of the lymph nodes is widespread.
  • An occurrence of irregular hair loss.
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The worst thing about this STI is that the symptoms will also disappear in an average time. Of 9 months. Remember that the infection will still spread in your body, you will receive treatment.

Latent syphilis

This stage is performed without signs, but the disease can still be diagnosed in you.

Tertiary syphilis

This is the last/final stage of syphilis. Most of the organs in your body have an STI infection. Common symptoms include:

  • Fever
  • Non-curative skin ulcers
  • Liver disease
  • Anemia
  • Bone pain
  • Symptoms of mental syphilis may appear because the nervous system is affected.
  • An aortic infection that results in heart disease.

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