6 Foods To Take For A Sexier Body Shape And Improve Blood Flow

improve blood flow

You know that chocolate has a reputation for being a powerful aphrodisiac, thanks in part to its high caffeine and antioxidant content, and to the texture that melts in the mouth. It is not surprising that chocolate in all its forms tempts it in the showcases of the store and its social feeding at this time since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

Chocolate isn’t the only food that can prepare you physically or mentally for a bedroom session. Many others can also put it in a “let’s do it” mentality, research suggests. Some expand your libido and energy, others give you a boost of encouragement, and others simply have a sensual and silky delight that makes you feel relaxed and indulgent. If you are expecting a sexy moment this Valentine’s Day, put these six aphrodisiacs recommended by experts on your menu.

6 Foods To Take For A Sexier Body

  • Olive oil

The ancient Greeks considered that olive oil was a cure for impotence, and clearly, they are in something. Rich in monounsaturated fats, this oil can help increase blood flow, says nutritionist Julie Upton, RD. Better blood flow means more energy and circulation, which can make you feel more excited.

  • Maca powder

Maca is a South American plant grown in the Andes for thousands of years. Newly modern as a powder that you can add to soups, acai bowls and smoothies, a preliminary study suggests that it can pump libido, perhaps because it is a nutritional superstar, charged with energy and amino acids that increase libido, zinc and iron.

  • Bivalves

Oysters have long been considered aphrodisiacs, but they are not the only seafood that can ignite desire. Upton says that scallops, mussels and clams contain two specific amino acids that increase the production of sex hormones in men and women. However, there is a catch: these bivalves “should be eaten raw to obtain the nutritional benefits,” says Upton. The good thing is that oysters and scallops can be consumed without cooking, she says.

  • Almonds

A candle-light dinner may sound super romantic, but the plant-based protein is the best for your sexual health. The best options? “Choose nuts,” suggests Upton, who adds that the monosaturated fat in tree nuts such as almonds makes them excellent for heart health, as well as for the health of their private parts, as they help improve blood flow down. Consume the almonds as a snack, mix them in shakes or add them to your main dish as a top or crunchy layer.

  • Red pepper

Chefs add hot peppers to flavour a dish, and they can also give you more flavour. The red chilli peppers trigger the nerve endings, make you sweat and give you an increase in energy that increases the adrenaline that you can take advantage of in the bedroom. Just like all other spices, they also have anti-inflammatory properties and make you feel healthier in general, says Upton.

  • Tofu

Soy-based foods such as tofu have a high protein content, providing a constant energy boost to increase sexual stamina. Soy-based foods are also low in saturated fat and can improve blood flow and potentially stimulate excitement. And although it’s controversial, some studies have suggested that the natural estrogen in soy-based foods, phytoestrogens, can complement your natural estrogen, possibly affecting arousal.

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However, as important as what you eat is with whom you are enjoying your food and the atmosphere in which you dine. Those environmental factors can make food that has no known aphrodisiac power leave you with the sexy feeling. “The good news there is that your brain is the largest sex organ,” says Donnica Moore, MD, gynaecologist and host of the podcast In the Ladies’ Room with Dr. Donnica. “If a pleasant memory of your past involved a particular food, the next time you eat it you can associate it with sexual desire.”

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